Are you compliant with your Passive Fire Safety to meet Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 which puts the legal requirement on building owners and managers to ensure vital checks and maintenance is carried out.?

Any Fire Door within a Commercial Business premises, Office, Hospital, Care Home or Multiple Tenant Housing including HMO’s should be fit for purpose and inspected every 6 months, sometimes more frequently in heavily used doorways.

BS476 Part 22 deals with the Fire tests on building materials and structures and all tests are to this standard, in addition Building Regulations Approved Document B (England & Wales) deals with Fire Safety of a building components and the specific requirements of passive fire safety

In addition ventilation systems passing through buildings fire barriers should have Fire Dampers installed to drop in the event of a fire to prevent spread through the systems, these should be subject to an annual drop test and reset.

NAP Fire Safety offer both of these vital Passive Fire Safety inspection services with a fully comprehensive report with clear guidance and recommendations to ensure compliance with the regulations.

Fire dampers within your ventilation systems form a critical part of your ability to contain fire should it break out and should in most cases be tested annually.

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